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Training is designed for Rescuers, Rescue Teams, the Fire Service,  Workers at Heights, Window Washers, Arborist Climbers, Stagehand Riggers, Private ERTs, and SWAT.

Rope Access and Rescue classes meet current industry standards. These classes are built for an 8 hour day. Classes consist of Access, Suspended Worker Rescue, Advanced Technical Rescues, and Tower Access and Rescue.

Rope Rescue, Confined Space, and Tower Rescue are built around NFPA 1006 Job Performance Requirements (JPRs). All curriculum meets NFPA 1006 Operations and Technician levels.
All NFPA criteria classes are 4 days each with 8 to 10 hour days expected. 
Training can be tailored to accommodate your company's specific needs. 

Authorized Dealer for Petzl, CMC, and Kong.

Client Feedback

"Thank you for all the information and instruction you provided. This was my introduction to rope access and I really appreciate the safe experience you constructed for us. I look forward to another great learning experience with you."

"Humble instructors that were willing to help, teach and listen. "

"Don's attitude, knowledge, and mustache are a absolute must need in this state. I will continue to attend and support SRS to become the state's leading rope instructional company. The State's Fire Service needs this!"

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