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About Us

Our mission is to reduce risk for workers at heights. 


I have considered some of the issues that rope access technicians, arborists, and rescuers encounter. I have built and trained on some solutions to mitigate risk during those situations. I know many rope access technicians and rescuers have a great work ethic and understand mechanics of rope work well. I am looking to build on that, not ignore it. Rope access technicians and rescuers alike have some of the best problem-solving skills during intense scenarios. Our desire is to add a tool or two to that skill set as well as offer some opportunities to train on skills while not in the rush of the work or emergency environment.

Each training opportunity empowers rope access technicians and rescuers to be confident in themselves and deeply familiar with the equipment and its uses.


Don Belt - Owner / Lead Instructor

I’ve been a firefighter for 24 years. I started in the Detroit Fire Department. I have been on Rescue Squads since 2003. My formal rope training started in 2008. I was able to take my Technician level course with Pat Rhodes as my instructor. I trained with and taught with some members of the Detroit Fire Department. In 2010, I started working with Safety and Technical Rescue Association (SATRA) as an instructor for rope rescue, confined space rescue, and grain engulfment, and grain bin extrication. In 2015, my family and I decided to move down to Charleston, SC. I am currently an Engineer in the Charleston Fire Department and assigned to the Rescue. I have done consulting for industry ERT teams and facilities for rescue plans for tanks and vessels during shutdown operations as well as Conf. Space Rescue Standby team leading and rescue planning. I am an instructor for the State Fire Academy in South Carolina. I teach our Fire Dept. Rescue Team and our Regional FEMA Task Force SCTF-3 where I hold the position of Training Officer. I was a union stagehand rigger and worked as a rigger for 3 years in the Charleston area. 

Certifications held:
SPRAT Level 2 Rope Access Technician
Rope Rescue Technician

Confined Space Rescue Technician
FEMA Structural Collapse Specialist
SC Task Force 3 Rigging Specialist
SC Task Force 3 Training Officer
IFSAC Instructor I/II
Swift Water Technician
Water Rescuer
Trench Rescuer

SPRAT Company Member
B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health
M.S. in Cybersecurity
My desire is to see risk reduced for workers at heights through these 5 concepts. 
1. Clean rigging
2. Safe work practices at heights
3. Workers need to be comfortable on rope systems
4. Disciplined technique
5. Motivated to continually learn
I am looking forward to communicating with you and work with your teams to make our work environments a safer place. 

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